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The Olympus Stylus Tough 6020 combines advance imaging components with a rugged build so it can go along wherever your adventures may take you.

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My camera will not turn on, what do I do?

I keep trying to turn the camera on but it seems to be getting no power and I have not even gone underwater with it yet, so I know it is not due to water leakage. What do you recommend?

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Please check and confirm the battery is fully charged and is seated properly withing the battery compartment.

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I have the same problem I turn it on unit makes a clicking noise and beeps then shuts itself down. Have a new battery fully charged.

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Same deal! Mine is at least ten years old and eventually started doing this a few years ago, even with a full battery. Wondering if it was a part that went bad over time due to extreme heat/cold or leaked while underwater as it has seen all of these conditions. I will dig into this and hopefully find an answer.


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