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Released April 2007. 15.4" screen.

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The touchpad is not responding

The computer is on and running, but the touchpad is not responding.

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There are three main causes for this. The first being that it is disabled. The easiest way to enable the touchpad is by using an external mouse and going to Control Panel > Mouse > Settings > Enable. Build up on the touchpad can also cause it to not respond. Simply power off the computer and wipe down the touchpad. If this is not the issue, the touchpad may not have properly started when the computer booted. The solution is to reboot the computer and do not touch the touchpad until the computer has completely booted.

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There must be a fourth because none of the above apply here! I was able to check that it is enabled (by calling up Cortana (Function + F9), typing “enable touchpad” and hitting “enter” as the first option was the one I was looking for); touchpad is clean; powered on/off a few times.

I had noticed that the thing was lagging - total insensitivity - to the point that I was inadvertently banging my fingers on it! - for about 12 hours. I was actually in the process of going to change the sensitivity when the thing just quit working. When I hit “control” to show the location of the invisible pointer, it indicates that it is dead-center on the screen. If I use the touchpad to try to move it and hit “control” again, it has not moved.

Not much of a surprise with this POS Dell (nothing but probs with this $2500 heap!), but I remain flabbergasted and on-deadline with a project that the notebook I’m typing on couldn’t begin to handle. … I am the one who would be eternally grateful!!! (In reference to the “Add your answer” text.)

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