The Garmin Nuvi 65LM GPS was released in 2014. This device features a 6" dual-orientation display, preloaded maps with free lifetime updates, and millions of searchable points of interest.

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Battery vs. Charger Issues

My Garmin Nuvi 65LM won't turn on and I do not know whether it is the charger or the battery at fault. Is there any way of finding out without having to buy replacements for both?

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You can use a standard MicroUSB phone charger to see if the Garmin charges.

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Most chargers will have a light to show whether it is charging or not. If you are using a non-Garmin produced charger, an error message could appear stating that charger will not work.

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Correct on all counts. However even though Genuine Garmin as came with device, red light appears ok but device does not boot from off setting when plugged-in and is thus is not charging. When device is plugged in from on setting it either turns off altogether or indicates battery not charging??? Friggin' Nuts..


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