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Reparaturanleitungen und Teardowns für alte und neue, auf Android basierende Samsung Mobiltelefone, inklusive der beliebten Galaxy Produktlinie.

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Is it possible to build a Samsung phone from scratch?

It is possible or worth it to build a Samsung Galaxy (for example) from scratch? Buying all of the parts from Amazon or eBay or other places and assembling the phone. Would you need to upload software or something or is there something specific that makes it so can't be done.... All suggestions help. Thanks!

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While this is theoretically possible, purchasing each individual component would most likely cost more that purchasing an used or even possibly new device, as replacement parts are not usually sold at cost. Also there are many pieces that are not usually sold as individual replacement parts. Depending on the condition of the parts, getting every single component to work together without a builder's guide would be a challenge.

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impossible, first of all samsung could probably sue you. Samsung would never allow anyone to use there software!! Impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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