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Die 2013er Neuauflage des Mac Desktops, bekannt als Mac Pro.

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diagnostics led meaning on macpro 2013

i have a macpro 2013, it stop coming up and when i remove the cover, the diagnostic led show now sign of power entering the system at all. and when i press the button beside the strings of led, two came up. what could be wrong? pls help....


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The Mac won’t come on without the housing. You will need a magnet. The 2 LEDs that come on when pressing the button only verify that it’s plugged into a power source and getting 12V. Remove the bottom cover, then you will be able to access all diagnostic LEDs. Photo shows what kind of magnet will work and where to hold it to power the Mac on without the housing.

Block Image

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you sure a magnet is needed to open it?



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Perfect. Thanks! Best regards

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