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Also known as the Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance or the Samsung Galaxy S II Lite, released in April 2012.

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What should I do to get the power button to work?

My phone has dropped a few times but still it worked properly until one day when my phone suddenly went off and i tried every method to get it on other than factory reset. Please help me with this problem ...

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According to your sounds, phone is dead now. so you should check below steps

1) Change the battery and check, if you found same issue

2) Check the micro USB port

- Is there any damages? if yes - replace it and check

- is there no damages - re solder the port and you can check : 1 and 5 pins should receive 5V DC

3) if non of above not works, you should have to replace power management IC (PM8901)

Below video will help you to do that : Note: BGA re-working skills required


-**** Happy to HELP to sri lankans ****

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thank u for the recommendation. i am too scared to do the third option since i am only 13 but i will try out the first 2 methods today and tell you the result

*********HAPPY TO WORK WITH A SRI LANKAN**********


Age doesn't matter little buddy! Skills, experience and knowledge make sense. don't give up as your phone is now dead. try to bring it back to life!



Thank u bro for the motivation. I tried the second option but didn't work. The third option is too dangerous and the first option is under progress because i am having my exams these days and i wont be able to go get a new battery. Cheers !!


Go for the simpler method, open the phone rear cover, remove the battery, plug the phone into the charger and turn the charge on . Using a multimeter, just measure the contact pins on the phone ( + and - terminals ) where the battery would usually plug into it, meter should register a small DC voltage and a small charging current of below 20MA. IF it's missing, then it's the phone board issue ( usually it's the motherboard board ). I assume here again you know how to use a multimeter. If voltages / current are present, it's the battery issue, just get a new battery


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connect the phone to pc via usb cable

if phone is detecting by pc,

1) try to get the data backup as i feel your sounds make a value to the data inside of phone

2) try to update firmware by samsung kies


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I tried but the computer does not make any sound and the computer does not detect the phone.


please help me with this problem


Let's use your brains - if the phone cannot be power up / on, do you think the PC / computer can detect it ? Even a child can tell you it can't detect it...I suggest you open the phone rear cover, plug it into a charger and charge it for about 30 mins or so. while charging feel the battery to see if it is getting warm. IF it is, you know there is charging current going into the phone to charge the battery. IF the battery doesn't get charged up after 1 hour, time to get a new battery. IF the battery stays cold all the time while being charged, there is no charging current going into the battery and the phone is suspected to be faulty. This is assuming that you have got a working phone charger. I hope this help you to start the basic troubleshooting.


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Try to change your battery. if won’t turn on go to nearest cellphone technician. to check what is the problem of your phone.

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