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Released in 2011 - Core i3-2330M processor

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Laptop got shutdown automatically within few seconds.


My Dell Insipron N4010 laptop getting shutdown automatically within few seconds of startup.

Even some time its getting shutdown at the time of booting.

Please help me what to do to resolve this problem.

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first check that your power cord is good. to make sure you have power, if that is OK check if you can here the fan start when you start the laptop,look for the air vent make sure it is clean no dust.

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This problem solved 100% with this method:

1st remove your battary then open your laptop back cover then remove your Ram, if their are 2 rams then remove both, then remove harddrive, then just clean dust with blow air or any silk cloth in all areas specially in processor FAN area. Now Set the RAM and Harddisk back on the board and then put battery back on the laptop and turn on the laptop and reinstall your window. Now The problem is solved it won't shutdown or trip in future.

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It is advised to check the core temperatures of the cpu. Overclocking the cpu caused by any kind of background applications results in high cpu usage and thus temperature will get rosen over 80 degree Celsius.


1. Clean the fan, heat sink areas which might be covered with dust.

2. Inspect the thermal paste condition. ( sometimes the thermal past might get dried up resulting in lower heat transfer. its better to clean the surface and reapply thermal paste)

3. make sure you have enough air circulation beneath the laptop. placing the laptop over any non uniform surfaces eg, over bed, couch etc.

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