The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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Mac Pro 1.1 (2006) NO Chime No Boot after CPUs Upgrade

Hello Guys!

I hope to have some advice about my situation with my Mac Pro 1.1..

I'm little late I know but only in these days I have had the change to upgrade my Mac.

I'm an expert user and have repaired, tweaked, hacked a lot of devices so for me Apple hardware and software are thing that i'm deal with almost every day.

This time I have decide to take time to upgrade my old:

Mac Pro 1.1 (2006)

The upgrade plan was:

- Max Ram 32Gb

- Ssd Boot HD

- Airport Extreme Card

- Mac OS X 10.9.5 with TIAMO Boot (SFOTT)

- Ati Radeon 5770 HD 1Gb (Original Apple not flashed from Pc hardware)

- Netkas 2.1 Firmware Update (since I need to upgrade CPUs for have more computing power)

I have done all of these upgrades successfully without any problems till the CPUs swap..

I have choose to upgrade my Mac Pro with a matched pair of Xeon X5365 (I've already successfully done this kind of operation a lot of times).

After I complete the CPUs swap and bring back all the inside of the Mac Pro (cleaned everything), I also changed the Logic Board Battery,

when were time to turn on, the Mac was "working" but NO CHIME and black screen.

This was the exactly sequence of events:

1) Before proceed to turn on the Mac I have reset the SMC with his own button on the Logic Board for 5 seconds

2) closed the case and attached back the AC plug

3) the Mac immediately turn on WITHOUT pressing the POWER BUTTON (light on the power button is on and stable)

4) Dvd drive turn on, front and rear fan spin normally and the HD drives other than the SSD Boot, spin.

5) No Chime - No Boot - no chance to use keyboard for a NVR reset

Checked immediately the DIAG_LED button:

Led 1 - Trickle Pwr ON

Led 6 - GPU Present ON

Led 7 - Power On ON

Led 8 - EFI Done OFF WHILE SHOUD BE ON (as stated in the Apple Service Manual) Indicates: EFI is done loading

I have try to reset again the SMC and change again the Logic Board Battery but nothing, the Mac start up but NO CHIME.

Swapped out the GPU, no chime, same with the Ram dims, I have try to pull out every dims and leave only 2 in the upper riser althought the memory riser diagnostic leds are all OFF (so no faulty dimms). Also removed Airport Card.

For test purpose I also have try to swap back the old CPUs but the things remain the same; NO CHIME, NO BOOT.

What lead me here before buy a new logic board or power supply is the LED 8 from the DIAGNOSTIC LEDs.

On every post I have find googling around NO ONE ever report the behave of the Led 8 in they'r Mac Pro:

LED 8 - EFI DONE - In my case OFF while as stated in the Apple Service Manual, should be ON.

also notice that Led 6 - GPU Present in my case the light is ON also if the GPU card is pulled out, strange uh?

Could someone here please help me to understand better what's happen to my Mac Pro?

The only other clue I can provide about a strange behave of my Mac before the upgrade is that from about a year ago after I have installed the ATI RADEON 5770 HD Instead of his standard GPU, when I hit the POWER BUTTON, before to hear the CHIME I had to what 5-10 seconds and after the Netkas 2.1 Firmware Update the time to have the CHIME was the same.

This delay of the chime sound could be related with the LED 8 EFI DONE OFF?

I also have try to PUSH the Power Button for 10 seconds for check if I eventually could be able to restore the original EFI but doesn't work, the light of the power button remain ON and don't blink.

What's happen could be related to the 2.1 Firmware Update?

I notice the the Netkas 2.1 Firmware Update for Mac Pro 1.1 in my case update only the Firmware and not the SMC (still 1.7f10), is this normal?

Thanks in advance to everyone….


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Did you get this sorted Mik? I'm planning an upgrade similar to yours shortly...


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Hello Everybody!

Sorry for been away so long..

Ok, I SOLVED the problem!

In my case what I have done:

1) I have tear all the parts out of the case (I have bought a anti ESD pad, bracelet etc.)

2) Clean everything

3) Put all the parts again inside the Mac case

4) change the CR232 Battery

At first try NONE happen..

I have immediately check the DIAG LED button and see that the power led was correct light up and all the lights was mentioned before continue to behave the same especially:

Led 8 - EFI Done OFF WHILE SHOUD BE ON (as stated in the Apple Service Manual) Indicates: EFI is done loading


First i have exchanged the power cable from the one I use for the CINEMA DISPLAY,

then I have try again to turn on..

As before no chime and black screen.. BUT..

Finally usb was working (checked the red led under the Mighty Mouse) and immediately RESET PRAM

(holding after hear the fan and hd spin: CMD + ALT + P + R)


I'm sorry to can' t really explain (as I don't understand well what happen) but after my investigation I can tell you:

- Led 8 - EFI Done OFF in my case was ok the same

- The problem is not the Firmware Upgrade by Netkas (I done it a week or more before do the cpus swap and everything was working like a charm, my problem was AFTER the cpus swap)

- The SMC also is upgradable, I have found on Netkas instruction for also update it so now my Mac Pro 1,1 is a complete converted to 2,1


In any case if none of my advice help you and want to try to restore the original firmware, Apple still have the cd img downloadable.

Firmware Restoration CD 1.4

I would advice you to use it as last resort because i have no idea how it could behave over the netkas firmware upgrade (AS I ALREADY EXPLAIN SHOULD NOT NETKAS UPDATER THE PROBLEM).

I hope my experience could help all of you..

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The firmware restoration CD 1.4 is working. I have done this on my Mac and after it I was able to update the firmware from 1.1 to 2.1. The additional point is to add the CD with firmware recovery 1.4 after the update to 2.1 is completed and the computer started with taking out the CD tray.


I've burned a Firmware restoration CD, and followed the instructions to use it at , but my computer doesn't even enter that blink stage the page mentions.... I keep holding the power button and nothing happens. If I release and press/hold again, it powers off as it should... running out of options for my bricked macpro... :(



Before try the firmware restoration cd let me know what you have exactly do.

After the utility finish to prepare the files and before you reboot your mac it explain that you have to shut down, and no reboot and that you Have to push the power button till the led start to blink or you hear a long beep, have you do this step? Have you saw the firmware upgrade progress bar?

My advice is not to proceed with the FIRMWARE RESTORATION CD till we understand what's happen to your Mac and the update!

For all of you that now have a Black screen: do you have it after the update was complete (first boot after the NETKAS utility with progress bar) or you are stuck becouse the second step (hold power button till..) is not completed?


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Yes the SMC should still be original and unchanged. Netkas 2.1 firmware update leaves the SMC untouched. Hope this helps.

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Not True, on NETKAS you can find also How to update smc too, I did it!


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GhostMik, did you solve your problem? I have quite similar one and want to find a solition..

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Hey Adam! Read my update..


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Hi, I have the exact same problem only my macpro is a vanilla 1,1. No mods whatsoever, same problem. no chime, no boot, same LED off (EFI's). help?

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Hi All,

Have someone sort this problem out?

I have the same problem with my Mac which I bought one week ago. After a firmware update on Mac from 1.1 to 2.1 the computers startup with a black screen. I was able to get the CD open but by inserting the MAC OS X DVD it want boot from it.

Is there a possibility to re-install the firmware old 1.1 or new 2.1 from a CD or USB drive?

Kindly awaiting for any answer.

Kind Regards,


Updaten (02-06-16)

Was you able to solve the problem?

I have exact the same issue after a firmware upgrade.

Kindly awaiting for your answer,

Kind Regards,


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I have the same problem CMD + Option ± P+ R did not solve the problem.


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