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The Kindle 3 was the 3rd generation of Kindle produced by Amazon. It was sold as a WI-FI or 3G model with 4 GB of internal storage.

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How to fix horizontal lines on screen?

My kindle froze up and wouldn't reboot. I determined it was the mother board, which I replaced. But now the screen has evenly spaced horizontal lines - like a bad print from a printer with low ink. Is replacing the screen my only option?

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I allowed my Kindle battery to run completely down. When I charged it. the screen orabout 30% of it looks normal, , but the remaining 70% is horizontal lines. It seems to be frozen it this mode. This is the second Kindle that I have had to do this. I threw the first one in the trash. When the same thing happened to the second one. I thought I would see if somebody knows if it can be repaired, and if so, does the repair cost warrent doing it,

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Joanna, if the screen worked okay before, you want to check to make sure that your ribbon cable is properly seated and secured. Check for any debris or bend pins. It could be a broken LCD, but most likely it's the ribbon cable.

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how do I check the ribbon cable?


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