Water dispenses automatically without heating

When the unit is turned on it immediately starts dispensing water while saying heating and won't stop unless you turn the unit off

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I had this issue. The problem was the solenoid that vents the boiler. It stopped working, so when the pump began to fill the boiler (as soon as the machine is turned on) the water was forced out from the spout. The solenoid needs to open to allow the air to escape from the boiler when the boiler is filing with water, otherwise water is pushed out. It is cold. The machine says "heating" when it is not etc. The big problem is finding a replacement solenoid. The one in my machine is a CEME brand, 5000EN1,5P It is a 12 VDC Normally Closed solenoid which uses 100mA of current or 1.2 Watts. I may just buy a used Keurig machine and harvest the solenoid. They appear to be the same or compatible. My machine is a Breville BKC700XL. With the back off the machine, looking at the back of the machine, it is the solenoid on the right. closest to the water reservoir.


I did end up buying a used but working Keurig B70 machine and used a solenoid from that one. The B70 is a beast to disassemble. I basically just tore it apart, as it was becoming a parts machine anyway. The insides of the Breville and the Keurig look identical. It's really just the outward appearance that is different. The solenoid was made by a different manufacturer, but it was a drop-in replacement.


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