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Reparaturinformationen und Fehlerbehebung für den Dell Inspiron 15R N5010 Laptop-Computer.

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Display have some problem. Not showing anything.

I have 4 yr old Dell Inspiron N5010.

It was rebooting by giving blue screen while operating and some error code that "something crashed, check for newly installed drivers/devices" and then rebooting.

I reinstalled AMD drivers too but in the end it started giving 8 beeps and no display (Display was starting with black backlight but no logo etc)

I gave it to local technician, he said it's chipset problem and billed me for Rs.4800/- ($75).

It was giving "Graphics card has stopped working and recovered error" afterwards too.

In a month again the laptop starts but screen is dead.

What should I do?

Do I have to change whole processor or removing the Graphics card will solve the problem?

Technician is asking for same amount again.

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Kushal P, what happens when you connect an external display? Yes, it is most likely a bad LCD. Even replacement can fail prematurely.

" 8Beeps is usually a LCD or cable failure. Try this first :

"If the LCD on the system does not show any display, here are some basic steps that you can perform:

Remove the battery and AC Adapter from the laptop and press the power button down for about 10-15 seconds to release flea power.

Power up the system and then press the F12 key during the boot process to get to the Boot Menu, if you are able to see the display.

It may be necessary to repeatedly press the key during the start-up process.

Use the up and down arrow keys to select <Diagnostics> on the menu and press the Enter key.


Hold down the Fn (function) key

Power on the notebook

You should then see the Dell logo screen with the message 'Diagnostic boot selected' in the top corner.

You can then release the keys

While the LCD BIST test runs, the LCD is operating on its own, free of the video controller, which may be discrete (a video card) or on board (on the system board). The test allows you to distinguish an LCD panel problem from a problem with the controller. If the colors are displayed across the screen without a problem, then the issue is not with the LCD."

You can not replace the graphics card. It is an integrated part on the motherboard.

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8 beeps was old problem. It was solved. Now the LCD wont even turn on, but the Laptop starts in background. I will try to connect external monitor and will report back.


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To start, remove the battery, disconnect the power adapter and hold down the power button for 30 seconds to discharge the capacitors and clear BIOS memory. Reconnect power. Hold the D button down and press power at the same time. This runs a self test on the LCD panel. Does anything come on the screen? It should show coloured lines.

If, after connecting an external monitor, you find that the computer is working but the display still doesn't come on and the LCD self test didn't work the problem is with the LCD or the cable or connections.

If the display does work now, try replacing the CMOS battery on the bottom of the system board.

If you have no output to the monitor and the LCD test doesn't work your motherboard is faulty. It's likely the GPU that's at fault. You can try reflowing it if you have a hot air soldering station (this is what I'm thinking your tech did) but it will only last a short time. You could reball it if you have access to a BGA rework station, but if you do I'd suggest replacing the GPU IC altogether with a new one.

If you do reflow or reball make sure you get some GOOD thermal paste to put between the GPU and the heatsink to help protect it. This laptop has a lot of heat related problems.

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Hi! Try to follow this tutorial to fix graphics card drivers problem in Windows:[http://goo.gl/P8ObGm|http://goo.gl/P8ObGm. I used it to solve problem in my laptop!

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