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Die dritte iPad-Generation, die am 16. März 2012 auf den Markt kam. Anleitungen für Full 4G und Wi-Fi Modelle. Die Reparatur erfordert Hitze und vorsichtiges Hebeln.

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My iPad is stuck in a restarting cycle.

My iPad keeps restarting about every 3 minutes. I've restored back to initial apple settings, and now can't get past the set up activation. It goes dark, then the apple logo appears, then goes back to the initial set up process. Does anyone have a fix for this?

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I have a similar issue.

I tried to update an app, and the constant rebooting (after about 3 minutes or so) started.

I have not restored back to original settings for this reason. I stopped the update, deleted the app, tried to re-download the app a few times, then gave up, made sure it was no longer re-downloading the app, but EVERY time I use my device this happens. It doesn't matter what app I try to use or if I keep it on the home screen. The iPad freezes for a while, then I see the apple loading icon, then I can type my pin and see everything until the next 3 or so minutes pass and it begins all over.

It was working PERFECTLY until I tried to download the app. In the process, the appstore claims it also updated several other apps that I had not told it to and I have auto-updates turned off.

I have IOS 8, but due to space limits and the age of the device, (and now the inability to download anything without rebooting), have not and will not update to the new ioS.

Note: it had started glitching lately on game center access, occasionally locking up the settings menu when I'd try to switch to a different game center account. Rebooting it had always fixed that issue.

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