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need repair advice on rv

I have a 77 chevy itasca c25c rv with small block 350. And it has a. wiring nightmare. And cant find any books on how to fix it. My accessory batterys arent charging and not sure how to find the problem. Next my stove/oven last time i used them they both worked. And now they wont light at all. And my tanks are full. I have a magic chef 4 burner stove model j594060.then my fridge hasnt worked at all since i bought it. And no clue where to start.its a norcold model 876eo2 . The heater works fine. But i have a leak coming from my hot water heater. Not sure from where. Model

Bowen g6a2 . Can anyone please help. I also have no working dash gadges. Im new to this and not enough money to take to repair shop to have them do it. So its time for me to learn. And no one has repair books for a rv this old. Help!!!!!!!

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patricia wisham, sounds like you have your hands full. Did all those things fail at the same time or did they fail at separate times? Without trying to be insulting, what's your skill level like? Handy with a multimeter and some electrical tools?


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patricia wisham, start with the main wiring on your control center. I attached the chassis wiring diagram. Not sure if you can make it out. It is a scan from the original wiring manual.

Block Image

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Yes this is gonna be very helpful. Thank u very much. And I'm a little handy with volt meter and tools. But willing to learn and get it done.


let us know what you find out and if you need any more help.


The wiring diagram was just what I was looking for. If you possibly have any other manuals on this would be ever so helpful and grateful. I've got my work cut out for me.any advice or suggestions on how to do water damage inspections and repair? Please I need all the help I can get.


I do have the wiring manual as well as some parts manuals for it. Those may help to get you started. If you need those, just email me. Click on my Avatar and my email address is in my profile.


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If the accessory battery is not charging while hooked up to shore power, take a multimeter ad check the voltage coming out of the DC ports checking from + to - (or black to red) it should be around 14vDC. If its less, the converter needs replaced.

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