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Strong, small, and stable, the Hubsan X4 107L is an excellent quadcopter for anyone learning to fly RC aircraft.

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Drone is flying backwards why is That?

My drone flying is reversed all the air is pushing from the top so it stays grounded and doesn't go up what is the fix please

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Hey Saad,

It sounds like you have your props placed incorrectly. There are two clockwise and two counter-clockwise motors which, in turn, use clockwise and counter-clockwise propellers.

If look closely at your quad, the ends of the motor arms are labeled either "A" or "B":

Block Image

Similarly, each propeller should also be labeled "A" or "B." Try swapping props so their letters match their arms and you should be good to go!

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Hey Evan, the arm and the props have marks A & B but how to figure out which part of the prop will face in front or back ? i mean the angle of the prop ?


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