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Das HTC One Mini 2 wurde im Mai 2014 in Europa, dem Nahen Osten und Asien veröffentlicht. Das HTC One Mini 2, Modellnummer M8MINx, verfügt über eine einzige Rückfahrkamera und 16 GB Speicher. Das HTC One Mini 2 ist ähnlich wie das HTC One M8 aber kleiner und weniger teuer.

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antenna under top plate damaged.


While opening the phone I damaged the antenna that's placed under the top plate (where front camera is) in HTC One Mini 2.

I have ordered a replacement frame (assuming that the antenna will be included/glued to the frame) along with a replacement screen but the antenna was not included.

Where can I get a replacement? I have looked everywhere for it with no luck. What is its purpose? (i can still make and receive calls even though the it's not even there on the frame)

I think it's worth saying that I live in the UK.



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same here let me know if you find a replacement I cant either


Hi Sam.

I got the full replacement case off eBay from China. It comes complete with WiFi antenna .

Also I do have a spare old case with a good antenna .

Thanks Ade


I think that the guide to take the phone apart should have a warning when you come to take the top plate off as I heated up the glue and slid an ifixit plastic pic under the plate and when it came away it had severed the ribbon cables underneath and having replaced the battery and put back together the camera function no longer works so I'm guessing that one of those cables is a connection to the camera and I can't find anyone who has these parts for sale oreven list them so we know what they are

I would guess they would cost pennies if you could buy them

Any help would be appreciated



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Hi Tom,

i have done the same, and cannot locate a spare.

I think it is a wifi antenna looking at the design.

Thanks Ade

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If you are still looking for this part, you can find it here https://www.etradesupply.com/htc/android...

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