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Die Nintendo Wii Spielekonsole erschien Ende 2006 und wurde bis 2011 produziert.

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Why is the Wii drive replacement not working

Ordered a replacement Wii DVD drive from iFixIt, followed the instructions to the letter (with no problems) and the Wii still will not read any disks.

Any chance the drive you sent me is DOA? Would an "F" in pencil on the drive mean you sent me a "Failed" drive?

Can I return the drive you sent me for one that works?

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Through excellent customer service, the DOA drive was replaced and I was able to install the new drive with no issues. Excellent step-by-step directions. The key is to find a small parts tray that allows you to store the screws step-by-step.

My Wii is now working as good as new. Thanks, IFixIt!

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