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Internal vs external solid state drive

I just recently purchased a 21.5 inch iMac and I want to know if I connect an external solid state hard drive and put the whole system on it and the internal spinning disk hard drive happens to malfunction, will the whole computer be ruined? Being that I put the whole system on the external solid state drive, I would think not. One Apple advisor told me it would (because what is on the external solid state drive is a clone of what is in the internal spinning disk hard drive and if the internal malfunctions the computer goes right along with it), but another Apple advisor told me that it wouldn't. I don't know about this kind of stuff so please be gentle. Thank you.

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Go with a Thunderbolt external enclosure for your SSD drive. Plugin in and use Disk Utilities to format it. Next download SuperDuper and clone your drive onto the new one. Now you can boot from either drive. You do have the option now of using either drive for a TimeMachine backup. This gives you the option of recovering from 15 minutes ago to several months ago in case you get a document corrupted. Your computer will not be ruined from a failed drive in any case. Always find out how much experience the Apple Genius have and if it sounds wrong it probably is.


My option of Apple Geniuses runs to this:

An Essay on Criticism, 1709

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Maybe the computer won't be ruined but the computer won't power on if the internal spinning disk hard drive fails?


Think of it this way, if your car battery dies does that mean the car is ruined? In truth, all one needs to do is pop the hood and with a pair of jumpers with a friends car you can start your car. Once started you could in fact remove the battery (I wound't) the car would stay running until the engine was unable to supply the needed power from the alternator which at this point is running the car (power). HD's or even SSD's that are inside your system react in the same way, if they die the computer is still OK. You'll just need to use an external drive to run your system. That's why people make backups of their data and have a spare bootable drive handy.


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