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Repair information and disassembly guides for laptops manufactured by Haier.

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Why is there no sound driver


well, i had an HP laptop that i got from my brother, after abt 4 yrs it just stopped comming on, the lights would blink and everything, but nothng wud show on da screen,......but thats not the problem, i currently have a Haier laptop which was working perfectly fine and my tecnician dd something (changed the exchanged the hard drive with the hp computer) at first i was like ,whooo all my documents are back, but no i have no drvers for wifi, sound and God knows what else, mostly i ned the sound, cuz i hav connected a lan cable and im gettin ma internet conecttion, Please Please PLEASSSE!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!! just the sound driver info wud do plllz help me

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What model Haier is your laptop?


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During the replacement of hardisk the technician must have disturbed the connnections of that of Wifi and that of your sound card. Kindly make those connections rechecked if still the problem persists.

Regards and Best Wishes.

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