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Device Page for Breville Dual Boiler BES900 - BES900XL encompassing repair guides and troubleshooting help.

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NEW Collar Insert to suit Breville BES900XL

I purchased the original BES900XL model and damaged the collar insert. I have since had the NEW upgraded group head kit supplied and fitted and once again have damaged this collar insert as well.

Note: It is such a fine line between overfilling the handle in order to produce the coffee trickle effect - I believe this is a flaw in the design.

Does anyone know where this second / new version collar insert ONLY (not in KIT form) is available from - Breville and their service centres do not offer it as a seperate spare part which I believe is wrong based on how many people have the same issue.

I believe the part number is BES900/03.7 BUT this may be for the original collar and not the newer version !

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Well in the end breville replaced the third collar free of charge - they still do not service the collar component by itself, only in kit form. The only way i have found to work the coffee machine without damaging the collar again is reduce dramatically the fill qty (which reduces the pressure) and use double wall inserts (to increase the pressure). Almost all the time now i cannot get that perfect trickle effect and threw pressure is shy of the black range on the dial. This setup protects the collar now but still not perfect

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Did you find your answer? I am about to replace this collar insert in my BES900XL on my own. Found the part (using the part# you show) for 4.00 up on http://www.ereplacementparts.com.

Actual Part: http://www.ereplacementparts.com/collar-...

I cannot find a "newer" part that you speak of.

I totally agree with you about Breville service not wanting to help in replacing this part.


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No sorry still cannot buy part as a separate component -breville replaced but this time under warranty which was good - now have to be careful not to over fill bir not happy - use the double wall inserts to increase the pressure - pain to wash though


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Hi all I have a revile dual boiler bes900 and my steam wand just keeps leaking when machine is at working temp

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