Help with gifted iBook G4

Grandson was given a non-working iBook G4 in hopes I could get it working for him.

Never used MAC before.

After start up I get message that the clock date is wrong. OK, probably fixable - then -

"The Windows item could not be opened because the PC configuration could not be found"

None of the OS on the Virtual PC List worked. Tried the import option, but fail!

Rebooted using Command+s

This prompt comes up: Localhost:/ root#

I tried, from advice off this forum: Type "-uw/" and press "Enter." This will allow you to make changes to the hard drive.

It counters with:

-sh: -uw:/: No such file or directory, then returns to original prompt.

Not anywhere near a computer pro, but usually able to figure these things out. Hope you can help - he'd sure be a happy camper!

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