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The HTC Desire 510 Android smartphone was announced August 2014.

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Why is my phone not charging?

-Updated software on Thursday

-Charged fully on Friday night

-Used all day Saturday

-At bedtime, not unusually dead

-Plugged in to charge and it kept notifying me that the charger was connecting then disconnecting.

-Was using same charging cord as I usually use, tested it on another phone and it was fully functional.

-Phone is now too dead to turn on and shows no signs of charging.


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Either your battery is completely dead, your charging port on your phone is broken, or you damaged your battery/phone. Take it to a repair store, Sprint, or Best buy/Geek Squad to check it out.

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Dude we fixit here on ifixit thats the idea of ifixit


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This could be a battery issue if you have another to try start there if your getting a connect disconnected it sounds like it could be the charging port itself . Try wiggling the cord and see it there's a position that will allow it to charge


the port can be purchased on amazon and is a separate unit so its screw in and hook up your cables and away you go

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