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Dieses Android Smartphone kam am 18. Juni 2013 heraus und verfügt über einen dualen Sim-Korten Support, ein 4,7" 720p Display, einen Quad-Core Prozessor und eine 2 GB RAM.

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MY phone doesnt completely turn on , shows the word android ...

all it does is show the hauwei logo and the go to a blank screen with the word android. after searching on google for a solution, all i ended up with ,was pressing in all three side buttons . it brings me to an android screen ... the reboot option fails and the update options fail ... so im left with the wipe and reset options... ive taken my memory card out BUT how do i onow secure backup on the rest of my data before wiping the data out on the Huawei P6 ??


please help anyone??????????????

i would really appreciate it.

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If you follow this link (http://consumer.huawei.com/en/mobile-pho...) to the downloads page of your phone, there is a download for HiSuite. Install this on your PC, and use it to create a backup of your data on the phone.

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heyy thank you... my phone now wont allow me to do a wipe data/ factory reset its telling "fail" infact it wont do anything from the Hard Reset options ... please help me


Did you get your backup created? The next steps will wipe your phone completely. Are you booting into the Recovery Menu by holding the 'Volume Down' and 'Power' buttons with the phone off? Do you recall if you enabled USB Debugging? The system will sometimes ask you about it, in the notifications area (Swipe down from top bar) when you plug your phone up to a computer.


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