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Compact blender made by Homeland Housewares

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smoke and burning smell was coming out of my magic bullet


Some kind of smoke and burning smell was coming out of my magic bullet.It happened at my first time use.

Am I need to buy any special adapter for power , ?

Please advise am not in USA for repair and replacement.

Need your help to use my magic bullet properly.

Thanks in Advance


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My magic bullet has done this in the past when I put too much liquid/food in the cup. There is a line on the cup that indicates the maximum fill level.


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We have one of these and when ours did this it was because we overloaded it with stuff that it couldnt handle or we pack it in to tight. My suggestion to you is to clean it out and run it with just water in it and see if it works right if it still smokes then you toasted it.

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How did you fix it?.. did you ruined your magic bullet?

It happens to me too few minutes ago..Im so angry

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