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The Dell Inspiron 580 covers the basic computing needs. It may not provide the most advanced version of each feature, but the basics are available and provided for users.

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Rhythmic whirring sound from my Dell Inspiron

I am getting a rhythmic whirring sound from my computer; a fan I'd assume. It occurs very regularly (about once every 10 seconds). You hear the fan ramp up and ramp down for about a second, followed by 8 seconds of quiet, just to repeat.

I don't have a CD/DVD in the drive. It doesn't matter whether I'm using the computer or it's sitting idle. I figured I'd pull it out, open the case and listen. Hopefully what to replace will be obvious, but I'm looking for any insight first.

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It could be possible either your processor or processor fan needs to be serviced. Your thermal paste between the processor and the heat sink can become less efficient over time, and fans can become filled with dust or break. Try going into your bios or download diagnostic software to see how hot your processor is and lookup normal operating ranges of your processor.

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