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Released in 2011 - Core i3-2330M processor

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HDMI port not working , video grided

I have Dell inspiron N4010 laptop, recently I have installed new OS and disconnected key board due to problem like continues beep sound while starting the system and after that when we click any file it shows the dialog box for delet option, now its resolved by disconnecting the keyboard now Im using logitech wireless keyboard . Im trying to ''connect my lap top with my Sony bravia TV via HDMIcable but its not connecting and also Im facing the problem while connecting my mobile wifi hot spot with my lap top wifi can anyone please answer for this problems.

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Press FN+F1 while connect the HDMI cable. make sure that TV is turn on at the moment

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put hdmi cable on pc and tv then swithc tv to hdmi mode besides that in your pc go to personalize and choose second monitor and hdmi mode ... and it will be done once and for all

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