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Repair guides and support for smartphones in the Curve line produced by BlackBerry since 2007.

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My BlackBerry Curve 9320 phone is not getting started...

my phone is not geeting started after software upgrdation ...

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I had the same issue and fixed it with a hairdryer! Try taking out the battery, blow drying it for a little while on all sides. Then blow dry the keys of the phone and inside where the battery goes. I don't know why it worked but it did. I assume there was either dust blocking connections, or some moisture causing issues.

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hello Hari Saladi ,

it is very easy to fix your phone. case is the firmware not update properly

Use this line to download JL commander

  • install jl commander
  • connect your blackberry to pc via USB cable
  • select option 5 (reset to factory defaults)
  • your phone will be restart and hangs with error on white screen
  • install blackberry desktop manager using this link
  • update software gain

after updating the software you can use your blackberry with better performance ever !

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