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The Asus VivoBook S551LB is a 15.6-inch ultrabook with a dedicated graphics card, an Intel Core i7 processor and an optical drive.

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Ornry hinge cover reattachment

After successfully replacing the touchscreen, all covers went on with ease except for this hinge cover beauty rib.

I have tried removing bottom cover and setting the rib in place and sliding to the left, but that doesn't work. All the clips don't engage at the same time i.e. one end or the other has always popped out.

It seems that I'm missing a step or I need to loosen something, or what's the trick? I can't find any instruction anywhere.

Please help,

Britney S.

(Thanks guys)

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The hinge cover on the V551lb is a tough one. Place the laptop "Lid Down" & remove the btm cover. With the hinge side nearest you, Place the hinge cover as far to the rt. as possible with the edge with the most teeth nearest you. The teeth have to slip underneath about 12 keepers on the lid -- now slide to the left. Here's the secret: Work the keepers before trying to place the cover on so that they are "up" and the opening is sufficient....And the amount of required initial offset to the right is minimal, you don't have much room. Carefully slide to the left, if it doesn't snap in completely, or doesn't slide LEFT easily and feel solid and flush, remove it and work on the lid keepers some more. If your careful, you won't break off the hinge cover's teeth. It just ain't easy, and the "proper" way to do this may be to loosen the hinge screws on the right side to get a better run at it, thereby increasing your chances of getting all 12 teeth under their respective catches. Hope this helps!

[-"imetagirl's" old man]

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very helpful, was about to give up and glue it, but upon careful inspection I could see some plastic tabs were bent so it wouldn't slide to the left properly, thank you for the help, it is not easy to find any info on this.


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