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The Canon PowerShot A720 IS is a point-and-shoot camera with 8.0 megapixel resolution and a 6x optical zoom.

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Extremely short battery life

Battery is not lasting more that 5-6 pictures.

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Do not use Alkaline AAs in a camera. You need rechargeable NiMH (Energizer seem the best). Or use Lithium AA one-time batteries (expensive!).

Rechargeable AA NiMH are best. But this is not a new camera, the A720. If you are using rechargeable batteries and this problem is new, it may be time for new camera.


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Two possible fixes.

(1) reset camera

remove batteries

hold down power button for 1 minute

replace batteries

(2) increase battery contact pressure

remove batteries

using needle-nose pliers, bend battery contacts (in battery case cover) to better contact batteries

replace batteries

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By default, as soon as you turn the camera on, it enables flash--even when not needed. Form this habit: As soon as you turn the camera on, every time, press the "up" arrow on the four-way pad to turn the flash off.

Not only will the batteries last much longer, but the camera will be ready to take the next picture much more quickly.

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