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How do I connect a 5.1 speaker system

how do i connect a 5.1 speaker system on this tv?

as the TV has only co-axial and Headphone jacks.

I have an F&D speaker system


Please reply.

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how do I select external speaker option in VU 43bu113 TV


Vutv 32bfm model how to connect 5.1 speaker please explain


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Best option to connect 5.1 home theatre from your TV is to connect through the Digital out COAX output jack at back of your TV but you will require either Digital to Analog Converter or 5.1 converter which you can buy from Amazon. In case you want to connect from your headphone jack out from your TV you can connect through 3.5 mm cable to RCA AUX cable to your home theatre but the sound will be only 2 channels LEFT RIGHT channel out only and low so you can better buy an amplifier for the same.

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same problem for me in vu 32D6475. how to connect 5.1 home theatre? step by step pls guide


IAM also facing same issue in vu32, please explain


My problem solved by fixing of coaxial to RCA convertor to digital out pin in a tv


I have issues for connecting speakers with Vu TV please help and guide for connecting the speaker to TV


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