88 in the display and when you try to start 06 shows

on Kenmore dryer 11082826102 when you go to diagnostic mode every think is lit with the 88 in the display and when you try to start 06 shows up in the display window, what's this? And by the way any function you want to activate the lid is flashing <check the lint screen> The filter is clean I took the dryer a part to a point to check the thermal fuse and the thermistor ,everything is ok but the dryer will not start. Any suggestions?


Hi it's me again, I've posted a comment on 07/21/15 about my dryer Kenmore brand HE3 with model number listed in the comment above. The LED indicator <check lint screen trap> blinks when you try to implement any function and prevents the drum from turning. To what I could access I've checked and the thermal fuse and the thermistor are fine .The electrical diagram is not specific it only shows what is happening after the control board but it does not shows what sensor if any causes the LED to blink .From the electrical diagram it shows the belt switch or the centrifuge switch could be in play but I can't have access to it without taking the dryer a part. Have any one of you out there came across this problem and if so what's the remedy? Thank you and waiting for any help before I'll decide to buy a new set. Thanks again.

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I have the same problem, did you ever get it fixed?


NO I bought a new one


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