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How fix bent something inside card reader?

I watched inside card reader.

then I saw bent something.(just one)

Is that not right?

Everything staight up to bottom

but just one is left to right.

Do I have to replace or remove it?

Thank you!

I'm waiting for answer :-)

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if you know how to solder. you can replace it with this..


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Thank you. It will help for me.



ok, i have to accept that you changed your mind and accepted his answer.....


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ok, i was right.

it was not necessary to open a new question for that. but you can close the othere one by accepting the answer there.

the card readers are very weak - surely you could try to bend the wire back - but it will most likely break.

replacing the card reader is the only real fix for that

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Yes, you're right! :-)

I'm gonna replacing the card reader.

Thank you for answer.


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I have a scan disk card as it was inserted into a card reader it was bent right in the middle. Can the data be recovered from it...it has several pictures and video on it?

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Stephanie, you will get much better help if you ask your own question and not tag it on as an answer to an old question. When you ask your question you should also give more info. Like the type of the card and where is it bend etc. Good luck


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I watched inside card reader.EverytDo I have to replace or remove it?hing staight up to bottomThank you I'm waiting for answer

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