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Our group has created a repair guide for the Canon SX40HS digital camera for use by people wanting to dissasemble and or repair their own camera. The guide will contain a troubleshooting page, pictures, and 3 repair guides for common issues with this particular model.

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How can I replace the SD card reader? (Memory card error)

My camera was taking great pictures & I had just uploaded my photos & replaced the card in the camera when I had a message on my screen saying "Memory card error". I have tried other cards, looking to see if the metal/gold colored wire is in place to connect with the card, etc....I have also used canned air to blow-out any dust, dirt, sand, etc....from the card slot. Nothing has worked...Other ideas other than replacing the card reader slot ??

I LIKE the photos I got from this camera & would like to try & repair it ! Please help ??!! Thanks ~~

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The answer is no. The SD Card Assembly is physically attached to the Main Board. You would have to

replace the Main Board. The cost of that repair is probably more than just buying a used SX40.

Like you said, you swapped out other cards, checked for connectivity issues, used air so it does sound

like it could be the board.

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