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The sixth generation Grand Prix, a front-engine, front-wheel drive vehicle manufactured by Pontiac, a division of GM. Sold in both coupe and sedan configurations.

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Wiring diagram 2000 grand prix

I need pcm wiring diagram for 2000 grand prix 3.8 supercharged

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Alternator will not charge bat. Alt. good per 2 off car bench test, fusible link is good, charging system fuses are good. Thanks


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Lewis colbert, take a look at the images. There is a lot that works with the PCM. It might be easier if you tell us what the issues are.

Block Image

Block Image

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I don't really have a problem I'm installing this motor in a 65 G10 and want to make sure it's all conected right


First I'd like to say sorry for not thanking you oldturky03 and I can't read these on my tablet is there a way I could get a PDF of this? And do you have the rest of the wiring diagrams? Thank you so very much for the fast reply your very kind.


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I have a 02 Grand Prix se 3.1 and lost spark out of the coil packs.

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