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Sechste Generation der Apple iPhones, angekündigt am 12. September 2012. Die Reparatur des Geräts ist ähnlich derer älterer Modelle, Schraubendreher und Hebelwerkzeuge werden benötigt. Verfügbar mit GSM oder CDMA ,16, 32 oder 64 GB in schwarz oder weiß.

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How to separate the digitizer from the glass and LCD?

So I know how to remove the LCD and un-solder it from the rest of the screen, but I can't see to get the digitizer off of the old glass to put on a new one. Can anyone tell me what I need or how to do it? I have a heat gun, soldering iron, etc. I know I may need a hot plate, but will it be super difficult?

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Iphone lcd/glass separation is really not very difficult. Not when compared to samsungs anyway. I generally start by heating up the plastic frame on the screen a bit, then using a flat pry tool, gently pull it away from the glass. After removing the frame, lay the assembly face down on a hot plate. I set my to 70 degrees celcius. Then I use a 0.10 mm razor wire, grab both ends with a pair of pliers, then slowly run it in between glass and LCD, be wary of the cables. After separated, I use plastic razorblades to remove excess LOCA and then clean the screen with 99% iso. Lay the LCD down in the mold, apply LOCA and lay your glass down and cure it. After curing, make sure you didn't fill your backlight case with glue, sometimes you may have to replace the backlight box. Re-apply the frame and you're good to go. It just takes a little practice, but it's definitely do-able!

Also, no need to de-solder any cables unless your replacing the backlight panel. What you're desoldering is the cable for the backlight.

Hope this helps!

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I don't know if this is too out of your way, but you made a very good description and I was wondering if you could make a video for me and if not, could you give me a link from where you got the wire from? Also, what does LOCA stand for or mean? Thank you very much. What are the best plastic blades to get?


I probably will be making a video in a few weeks, my company does repair videos on youtube. But in the meantime, there are a ton of videos out there about this process. Just search on youtube. Also, LOCA stands for "Liquid optically clear adhesive". It's fairly inexpensive stuff, you'll just need a UV lamp to cure it. I use a nail salon lamp.

The wire: http://www.amazon.com/Elloapic-Cutting-S...

Plastic razorblades: http://www.amazon.com/Shark-66-Plastic-B...


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Yes it will be difficult. Go binge watch videos involving this topic on youtube first, then decide if you want to get the proper equipment and proceed.

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