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The Skullcandy Air Raid is a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker released November 15th, 2013 which streams music from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

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I have no power and it wont turn on

We had our speaker sinc'd up with 2 devices and then cancelled one out and added a different one. The speaker was working fine. We did not use the speaker in 6 days and when we turned it on today we get 3 flashing green LED lights by the on and off button. They blink for approx 2minutes and then the system shuts off, blinking stops and it is dead? Our devices say paired but the speaker is completely dead? We have power in the outlet and the cord and we have only owned it for 2months? What could be the problem? Is there a fix?

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Suggest soft reset....➕ And center button....

If you are sure it is getting usb power....ie charging lights are cycling....but still will not turn on you could try

Disconnecting power to hard reset it as such

See here



I our speaker had several buttons pressed at once and it 'crashed'

Would show charge lights but not charge, charge continuously never stop....overnight....(I knew it had 50% charge in battery)

Would not turn on...dead...100%

Solution...disconnect internal batt from motherboard for a few secs...complete power down.....now all ok...

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How to get it apart to get to the mother board


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