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CDMA Version des iPhones der vierten Generation. Die Reparatur ist unkompliziert, aber Frontglas und LCD müssen gemeinsam ersetzt werden. Modell A1349 mit 16 oder 32 GB, CDMA Kompabilität.

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Mute/vibrate switch included in replacement cable?


I want to replace my iphone4 CDMA mute/vibrate switch but am not sure if your headphone jack cable has it included. I will alert you to the source of my confusion so you may correct it or clarify it to me.

The parts page for the iphone 4 (CDMA) says that the headphone jack and volume control cable includes the vibrate/mute switch. However, following the link for that item, the product overview for "iPhone 4 Headphone Jack & Volume Control Cable (CDMA/Verizon)" says "No volume button or mute switch is included. This is only the cable that connects the buttons to the logic board."

Please clarify.

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What they mean is that the actual metal buttons are not included, but the switches are all present on the cable, don't worry. Bit of an annoying repair though. Good luck!

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