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The Azpen A909 tablet, released in 2011, has a 9-inch LCD touchscreen display and operates on the Google Android 4.4 system. Repair for this device requires prying tools, a small screwdriver, and possibly a soldering iron.

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Crack on the inside of the Screen, is it the LCD?

I dropped my tablet and there is a crack on the inside of the screen. Which part would I need to replace and where will I be able to source it?

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If it is the inside it seems like the LCD if you can't see anything or it maybe the digitizer that was cracked. If you can see it then its the top glass. You can find the part on ebay for around 20-30 but it maybe from china.

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Thank you very much for your help.

I can't see around the crack.

Is there a compatible part that I may be able to use if I can't find this part?


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