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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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How do I replace the Door interlock?

How do I replace the door inter lock?

When opening the door I heard the sound of plastic breaking. The unit did not turn on and the interior light did not turn off.

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I have a Kenmore under cabinet microwave oven model #401.80093010 from April 2010. The handle doesn't seem to make good contact- (not locking properly?) and the light stays on. Power is good...upon opening up the door, I found the top latch plastic receiver was broken, so the latch wasn't secured properly with the correct tension. This is what I see the problem is. How is this best remedied? I assume I'm on the right track? I cleaned the filter while I had the oven open, and can't get the filter back in place properly. Is there a diagram I can follow to restore the filter & filter cover?


Last night I was able to repair the broken top plastic hanger bracket, by gluing an ink pen shell to a pencil to the inside of the door, simulating the ring necessary by fabricating the part from the ink pen cap & gluing it to the other "adapters" necessary to get the right distance from the back of the door. So far, so good. Just enough room to make it work. Fingers crossed!

I also figured out where the filter must be placed, as there was only one location, but it didn't look right. The response by one of the Fix It helpers confirmed where I had located the filter. Thank you!


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Hi @dukleth4039

Here is a link to just one supplier for the part that I think you are talking about.


If it is not the one then here is a link, showing all the parts for your microwave oven. (again from the same supplier - there are others just search online, using Kenmore 401.80093010 parts in the search box).


Here is a link which shows how to remove/replace the filters in your oven. Click on the Next Page link to finish reading the instructions.


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