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Introducing the Dell XPS M1530, a sleek and powerful multimedia machine expertly balancing performance, design and unprecedented functionality.

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Why is my screen not working all the way

When I push power......dell logo shows and than screen stays black and doesn't go to home screen

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Try a hard reboot or reset . This is done by removing the battery and disconnecting the power cord so there is no power to the laptop from any source. now hold down the power button for a full 60 seconds. This should discharge the cmos battery and clear the memory. Now put the battery back in plug in your computer and fire it up . Hope this helps .

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I had a similar problem earlier this week.

I opened up the system, check some of the connections related to the monitor (unplugged and plugged back in). Closed it up, turned it on, and it runs great.

Sometimes a connection is just a bet loose.

I would try Jimfixer's suggestion first, as it is less labor intensive.

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