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Strong, small, and stable, the Hubsan X4 107L is an excellent quadcopter for anyone learning to fly RC aircraft.

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My drone just blinks red and blue

My drones back lights will flash red and the top left will blink blue , will not fly either and tried a fresh battery , any help would be appreciated

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Does it make a loud beep to indicate it has successfully paired with the controller? If it is pairing, but continues to blink, possibly try setting it on a flat surface so the gyro can calibrate.

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I have a Holy Stone drone that is doing basically the same thing. it flew fine, the battery got weak so I put another in. it flew up about 7 feet then landed itself. I put another battery in and fresh ones in the controller and tried again, this time it seemed to let me pair it with the controller but wouldn't let me calibrate it. it also will not take off, lights blink but the motors won't turn at all.


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I don't have a problem I just want to know if my drone has a camera or not

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