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Looking for Vizio E241i-B1 LCD Panel

I am looking for a replacement LCD panel for a customer's 24" Vizio TV. I have been searching everywhere and have only found panels for different models. Can anyone help me find a replacement LCD panel for this TV? Model number is E241i-B1.

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I'd suggest to try and find a TV with some otehr broken parts and try to harvest the LCD. You may also do a search based on the number of the broken panel, not the TV itself. Otherwise juliospec3 is absolutely correct....


I figured as much but thought I might as well see if anyone on this site knows of any good parts sites for TVs. Thanks for the quick responses.


what r u looking for now?


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honestly with the prices of tv going down every year, you can just replace the TV for a new one. LCD replacement parts can cost as much as a new TV today. Also if TV is still under warranty , contact customer service see if they can provide with replacement part, I know LG does that for broken LCD panels

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I have already told him that it would be must easier to replace the TV but he wanted to at least try to find a replacement panel before full replacement. He was given the TV for free because the panel was broke, I guess that's why he wants to try to fix it.


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