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Repair and disassembly guides for projectors.

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temp and lamp lights flashing

temp and lamp flashing lights on Epson 3010 projector

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Johnny Saltos,most common cause for that is a bad air filter. I'd start by replacing it

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new filter,problem still


lemp red signal


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If the filters new and the Fans are running at the normal speed , then its most likely ur ma inboard that needs replacement!

We have had a few of these units come with the mainboard problem!


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hey might there be fraudulent procedure in this?

my lamp was working just fine one day until this epson started complaining about how many hours Ive had it (3984 hrs). Now when I turn it on, it shines brilliantly for one minute, then the dumb projector shuts it off and has the lamp error light flash red.

This seems like a ploy to get me to spend money.

I even read somewhere that certain projectors send a signal to burn out a circuit on the lamp on purpose.

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