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Repair guides for the Philips Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom 7100 released in 2019.

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Battery replacement made smoke, and now just orange lights

I installed the batteries, plugged it back into the housing and it immediately headed up and started smoking. I pulled the batteries out and reconnected them.

Now I just get an orange flashing light when I press the buttons. What's up?

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Smoke indicates that either the batteries or (most likely) part of the shaver's electronic components have burned up. This means that you have further repairs to perform.

An orange, flashing status light normally means the battery is dead or about to die, according to the manual (link below). In your situation, this could also possibly mean that the battery is not detected or not charging properly.


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The best model Norelco to use is the Aquatec. You can buy a replacement BODY including batteries for about $20 on Ebay. You can also purchase a complete used replacement razor for about the same price for $20 on Ebay. The problem with Norelco is it requires replacement of the cutter heads each year and it turns on an orange warning light on the razor body to remind you. The razor continues to operate normally except for the warning.

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