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The HP Officejet 6500 is a color All-In-One printer. Released in 2003. Model number: CB815A#B1H.

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How to fix Cartridge jam

Says cartridge jam? Ink cannot move

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When my ink cartridge carrier refused to move from the extreme right leftward, I saw there was something impeding progress. What it was, I couldn't discern. Had to start a tear down. Fortunately, I only needed to get to taking off the right plastic panel to understand the problem. A stabilizing arm on the extreme right rail somehow became dislodged. It was simply "hanging out". Tried several configs to see which seemed to be the best fit. The 2nd or 3rd trial-and-error worked. Within the arm were two small enmeshing gears. One of them meshed with one from which it was detached on the rail system. Ink cartridge tracked just fine afterwards. The plastic panel is just a snap on. Be cautious in prying loose with a flat tip each of the 2 snaps and you'll be fine.

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Have the same issue, however the arm keeps coming out of the rail. Did you superglue the arm on the rail? Thanks!


The small gear they are talking about meshes with larger gear on Arm ...When they come loose, usually the little gear is cracked, as it is knurled, and keeps the arm in place. it will need to be replaced . or problem will persist. It is the 15 tooth gear. :( ,,,no luck in finding one so far.


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Can't get ink cartridges in- just won't click in

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Here are some steps that you can use to change the HP printer Cartridge

Step 1:

Turn ON your HP printer and separate the ink cartridge from it by removing the cover.

Step 2:

Set the cartridge back into the printer and put the cover back in its place. And now power off your printer for few seconds.

Step 3:

Power ON your printer now and try to print a page for testing. If the problem is not resolved yet, then move to the next step.

Step 4:

Remove the cartridge again and take a clean dry cloth and gently clean out the cartridge contacts, it will remove the some dust and the Ink Follow will be smooth.

Step 5:

Clean each contact separately from top to bottom.

Step 6:

Now, put back the ink cartridge into the printer back in and turn it off again.

Step 7:

Again try to print a page by turning it ON. If still issue not resolved, move to next step.

Step 8:

Open the cover once again and eliminate both the black and colour cartridge.

Step 9:

Remove the power cord from the outlet and cables connected to the computer. Wait for few seconds and plug in the power cord and cables again.

Step 1o:

Now, install back both colour ink cartridges into the printer and switch ON the printer.

Step 11:

Print a page and if after this process you are not able to solve the issue then you need to buy a new ink cartridge. And buy it only from the authorized dealer or HP store.

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office jet 6500 serial # TH9CC22127

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