MacBook shuts down after booting then won't power on for a while

I have a macbook pro 13" late 2012 retina. After being turned on for a while, it suddenly shuts off. Screen is black, fans are off. It has been sent in to the apple repair center. However, they didn't leave it on long enough so it didn't shut down for them and they sent it back as no issues. My first assumption is that it is overheating and shutting down. It is clean on the inside though. Fans are spinning. I went ahead and replaced the thermal paste with artic silver 5 just to see what would happen. It still shut down. The bigger issue though is that once it has had enough, it will not even boot at all. You can push the power button and the fans, lights, etc won't even come on. You have to leave it alone long enough and then you can try again. There doesn't seem to be any water damage or external damage to the macbook. I am at a loss now.

Has anybody seen this? Any advice?

Thanks for looking and helping out!

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