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The fourth iteration of the popular 7" Galaxy Tab line of Samsung tablets.

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Shattered screen with not swipe

My niece dropped and shattered my Samsung SM-T230NU table screen. I have homework assignments that I need to get off of it NOW!!! My touch screen is nonresponsive. If I get a portable mouse and keyboard do you think it would work? I am not having any success swiping my screen. Thank you in advance

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Marquita, most likely not since your USB post is not laid out for that. You could try and connect your computer to the tablet and see if that will give you access to the tablet. Of course, you also want to try your bluetooth connection, may be a bluetooth mouse or trackpad might work. But if you can not access the settings menu on your tablet, it will not know what to do with those devices. To really fix it you are bound to having to replace the digitizer. Here is the guide for that.

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