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Identified by model number P774A-GR.

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three tablets need repair for different issues

The red tablet has a cracked screen that is chipping and now does not work. The orange tablet has a gray and black screen but out glass is fine not cracked. The purple Tablet does not move from the start up screen and when you turn it off to restart it does not turn on. Who can I send it to get it repaired.

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Lugo, sounds like you need a digitizer for the red tablet, an LCD for the orange tablet. The purple tablet sounds like it has issues with the firmware or the memory IC on the board. This is going to be tough since parts are really not readily available but it does look like some parts can be had at Amazon and/or Ebay. Do a search for CKP774. The repairs are really not bad, just follow these guides to do it yourself. Sending it out for repair will cost you more than to replace those tablets.

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The tablet screen is must up and the colder is not right.It look like it is crack but it is not.

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