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A point-and-shoot camera by Kodak released in 2006.

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formatting SD card repeatedly

Continues to format SD cards repeatedly, saying it needs to be formated after each formatting.

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Lillie Irene seelye, try a different SD card.C-, M-, V-, and Z-series cameras accept SD and SDHC Cards. SD/SDHC Card Sizes KODAK recommends use of a KODAK SD Cards (up to 2 GB) and KODAK SDHC Cards (up to 8 GB). Stick with the 2GB cards If that still does not work, you may have to disassemble your camera and check the SD card reader.

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How do I check the SD card reader (what to look for)? I am running into the format looping issue after a drop (I believe), even when using SD cards that have been used with the camera previously (256MB). Also, write protection sometimes gets engaged when putting in the SD card, which might be related


Ingus Valters Briska check the physical aspect of the reader. Check the lever that “feels” for the wite protect. It it bend etc? After that make sure all the solder connections are in order. Sometimes a quick reflow works.


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Use a 2GB card or smaller. I have bought 2GB cards that were really mismarked 4GB cards. They did not work.

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