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Released on September 25, 2013, The Galaxy Gear (model no. SM-V700) is one of the first devices in Samsung's wearable lineup.

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How to reset factory mode my gear watch?

I wanted to upgrade my gear and I copied all files from my PC in gear, BUT by mistakly I checked off auto restart option in menu. So now my gear is stuck and not booting up. What should I do to reset factory settings?

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Camera stopped on gear watch


doesnt work???


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KEV7781, try this:"

Press and hold the Power key until you see the Galaxy Gear rebooting screen.

Release the Power key, then continuously tap the Power key until you see the Reboot Select Mode screen.

Tap the Power key to highlight Recovery.

Long press (up to 6 seconds) to select it. The device will restart.

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This is not working, because I upgraded my gear from android os to tizen os.


sorry I missed that point in the original question. Let's see what wee can find out.


Did you found any thing??




Did not work. Just goes back to frozen Samsung Gear 2 screen.


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