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Atari Video Computer System with MOS Technology 6507 CPU running at 1.19 MHz.

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My atari keeps disconnecting

Hey guy i recently purchased an atari that showed nothing but static. i later on played around with it and noticed when i pull up slightly, it shows some connection. Then i changed the power adapter and it started working but showing black and white. Then to fix that problem i switched it to channel 3 and perfect. It all works fine except the power jack head must be plugged in specifically at an angle to work otherwise shows static or does not display properly/makes weird sounds.

Im using a newer tv is that the problem, or maybe get a RCA to F adapter or try another power adapter? ANY SUGGESTIONS? :)

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Zang, "power jack head must be plugged in specifically at an angle" sounds like you are running into a worn out jack and dry solder joints. Use this teardown to get to your circuit board and take a look at all the solder connections etc. The power jack is still available at places like this as well as many others. You can always check with digikey.com or Mouser.com and have them match you up. The static can be caused by the power jack, so start with that.

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Hey yea you are right, its the power jack. Would i be able to just get a normal power jack for another electronic and get a professional to replace it? would it work? im a beginner haha


Sure you can. This is actually a great project for a beginner. The board is big enough and it is a through-the-hole component. Spend the couple of $ and buy one. Then check youtube for a couple of great soldering videos.


i will check it out i really respect you man, spending your time to help people out. Thanks so much!


Thanks and you are welcome:-) If you need anymore help, you know where to find it...


another question just curious, my sega genesis controller port (on the system) one of the pins was bent, i was trying to straighten it and it snapped in two. I mean the sega controller still works when plugged in but i dont like how it looks. is there anyway i can like fix it? maybe melt a needle on top or yank the pin out and put another one in?


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